Four Must-Have Spy Gadgets for an Espionage Enthusiast

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Do you like movies like Mission Impossible or James Bond series? If you do, what if I tell you that the spy gadgets are everywhere on the online market these days. You can find anything from spy cameras, tracking devices, long-range listening gears, disguised recorders.

Spy Cameras

smallest cameraA decade ago, the idea of making a camera inside phones amazed the world. And even more surprising was the fact that the size of cameras continued to shrink ever since. If you think that the likes of GoPro or Xiaomi action cams are the smallest, then you haven’t checked spy cameras. SS 1080P HD Mini Waterproof Camera comes at a dimension of one square inch with a weight of no more than 0.7 ounces. The last time we check, this camera only costs you $50. 

Besides being small, in HD, and waterproof, there are other features that make a spy camera ideal for surveillance. First, the battery should manage to keep the camera working for days, if not weeks. Second, the storage should be big enough to record all the visual data gathered. Third, a night vision feature will make the camera reliable regardless of the time. 

Tracking Devices

gps pinpoint locationDo you want to know where your target is most likely to spend his/her time? Stalking them will be too risky. Your best solution will be to use tracking devices on their belongings or vehicles. 

Today, many tracking devices are compatible with smartphones. Some brands come together with the app subscription, while others may charge you. Here are our best picks: SpyTec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker, Tile (Gen 2) – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder, and SPOT Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device.

Long-Range Listening Devices

listening to people's conversationThis device is not exactly a spy gadget, but a researcher’s gadget, especially ornithologists. There are two types of long-range listening devices: the one with transmitter and receiver, and the one with amplifiers. The first type allows you to hear sounds from an exceptionally long distance, while the second is more limited. But you don’t have to plant the bugs for the second type. You can just aim the parabolic dish at the target, and you hear what he/she is talking about. 

Disguised Video Recorders

We make this as a separate section because using a spycam to record an activity while you are involved there is actually impractical. You need a camera that can be disguised as something else. For example, Kestrel 1080p HD Camera Eye Glasses with Touch Technology Recording disguises itself as glasses. Another useful disguised camera will be button cameras. TPEKKA, Toughsty 8 GB, Chuo Button Cameras, and Wiseup are the top brands for this category. 

Uses Of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

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Nowadays individuals spend more of their time on mobile devices. It has been estimated that eighty percent of the mobile apps users employ the services of their apps for more than fifteen times in a single day. There availability of SMS which is created to meet the requirements an individual may want and the period they will be needed. Mobile phone’s capabilities are developed to deliver on real time and personalized expectations. Different purposes are served by cell phones.  The following are the uses of mobile marketing campaigns;


Promotional campaigns

man holding phoneThe right information regarding new products, contents, deals and so on are spread across potential and current clients. When an individual develops his or her marketing plans, it aids one to coordinate his or her several channel promotional campaigns with various kinds of messages. Some of the messages might be grouped under currently lifecycle marketing and others as unique marketing campaigns. These examples of advertising campaigns can operate very well across the available channels to the maximum effect.

Transactional campaigns

Transactional campaigns are whereby the brand is built or created through or around the business. Many individuals usually ignore the issue of the branding of the existence of the transactional message. Transaction of the user is often followed by the transaction message and is employed where confirmations are required. Any time a client makes or completes in-application purchase or the change of the password is carried out; there is always an automatic email showing the activity. One’s brand values should be ensured that it coordinates and communicates with other kinds of campaigns.

Onboarding campaigns

The welcome campaigns are regarded ideal in making the users be interested on one’s brand and getting them in the right place. The introduction of an individual’s brand promise usually is the primary goal to be achieved. For simple onboarding, campaigns are considered to be sweet and short. For the complicated ones, they might have the presence of nudges or reminders.

Opt-in priming

One of the best way regarded as the way of improving one’s opt-in rates is by priming for other permissions and push notification. An individual is advised to select the extraordinary moments carefully for the opt-in priming campaigns. Custom opt-in tools can be additionally is employed.

Triggered campaigns

phoneTriggered campaigns are messages which are personalized and are replied in the user action’s response. It does not have to be sent directly after the action from the user. A day after the user has completed the action is considered as the best period of pushing for a special offer.  The brand and client relationship can be developed through these triggered campaigns.

Features of a Good Laptop for Video Editing

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Since the advent of technology, the profession of video editing has seen a dramatic change. .Because of powerful laptops that are available in the market, video editing has turned from a highly technical desk job into something that can be done easily and on the go. However, with so many available options choosing the right laptop for video editing can be a troublesome process. To make your decision a bit easier, let’s discuss a few video editing laptop must haves.

Enough processing power

editing musicAlmost all video editing software in the market uses multiple cores. If you are looking to edit footage from DSLRs, GoPro cameras and AVCHD or any other high definition footage, you should be looking at Quad Core Intel Xeon or Quad Core i7. Having a minimum of 4 cores will make your video editing process a whole lot faster and enjoyable.

Trying to run considerably larger video editing platforms like Adobe Premier Pro without a good GPU is perhaps a recipe for disaster. If your video editing needs require a software like this, a good GPU is a must have.

A beautiful screen

Video editing is a process that requires a lot of screen real estate for all those preview windows, tools and timeline. A 15-inch screen is perhaps the best size for video editing. It is large enough to get all your work done efficiently and small enough to carry around with ease.
Since you don’t want to miss any imperfections in your video editing, make sure the laptop you choose has a high-resolution screen and perfect colors. A touchscreen can also prove to highly effective for video editors.

Lots of ports

Having several different ports to enhance connectivity is another feature that any good video editing laptop should have. Often times, you would have to connect various devices like your camera or an external storage device to your laptop. To make things easier, make sure your laptop has ports like USC-type C, HDMI, thunderbolt, etc.


computersToday, most standard laptops come with 4 to 8GB of RAM. This is nowhere near the recommended amount if you want to run software like Sony Vagas or Adobe Premier Pro. Try to get at least 16GB of RAM. You can also go for 32GB if you can afford it.

Only you can decide what kind of laptop is best for you. Every laptop available in today’s market can be used for basic video editing. But as the complexity of your work increases, your laptop should be able to cope with it. Just make sure you get a machine that is consistent with your workload.

How to Hire The Best Web Hosting Company


Choosing a web hosting company is not easy especially for novices. There are different things you need to take into account before hiring the web hosting company. One of the best ways to locate a good company is asking a friend, relative or any other person you can trust. Alternatively, you can read reviews of different services providers out there to select one of them. If you opt to choose the second option, then you should look at the following aspects.


Whether you want to set up a web site from scratch or you would like to build on the existing one, what you want to use the website for is among the things you cannot afford to ignore. You need to understand whether you want to create a site just for fun or generating extra cash from the same. If you want to create a personal site, then you can go for free hosting services. In case you want to establish a small online business then it is advisable to look for paid web hosting services. Small businesses have to take into account domain hosting, co-location and standard paid hosting services among others.


holding money Web hosting packages come at different prices. It is wise to compare packages offered by different companies out there before selecting one of them. Although some packages can appear appealing as far as price is concerned, do not be quick to pick one of them. Make sure that you examine the different packages to ascertain whether they will meet your needs or not before deciding. Also, it can be costly to change the web hosting company if you decide to go for the cheapest. Therefore, it is good to consider all these aspects before making your final decision.


In addition to the storage and bandwidth, you should look at the usability of the service before hiring one. Usability is likely to affect you in one way or another especially if you are new to web hosting services. If you want to end up with more freedom, then it can be good to customize your hosting options and site.

Extra Services

Find out whether the company offers any extra services before hiring. Regardless of the cost, you are going to incur at the end of the day; it is advisable to hire a service provider that offers extra services. Also, they should ensure that your site is secure.3 computer screens

Customer Service

The customer support of the company you are going to hire reflects the kind of services you are likely to receive in the long run. Only hire a company with highly trained customer support staff. Furthermore, the team should offer services 24/7 including weekends and holidays.